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Please read these terms of use carefully. By using our site and/or making a booking via email, phone or online, you indicate that you accept these terms of use and that you agree to abide by them. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please refrain from using our site and/or making a booking. 

2.1 Pricing, Parking and Congestion Charging

2.1.1 Prices quoted by the Company are based on average completion times.

2.1.2 We reserve the right to amend the initial quotation if either upon inspection of the property or during the cleaning. If Luda Cleaning Services assesses that the job is going to take more time to complete, or the Customer’s original requirements change before or during the cleaning. Any revision to the price must be accepted by the Customer before the cleaning is carried out.

2.1.3 Luda Cleaning Services will require either a parking space or valid permit for one vehicle, or metered parking is to be paid for by the Customer in order for Luda Cleaning Services to carry out any cleaning services.

2.1.4 The Customer is liable for full payment of any parking penalties incurred because of the Customer’s actions.

2.1.5 If the property which is being cleaned is in the congestion charging zone, then any applicable congestion charge which the Cleaning Company will incur must be paid for by the Customer.

2.1.6 At the time of booking please notify us of any expensive items, including furniture, which may require specialist treatment or chemicals. This includes but is not limited to parquet and oak flooring, wooden work surfaces and any other custom-made items. Failure to provide these details may result in an increase in the price charged for the cleaning. For the avoidance of doubt, Luda Cleaning Services is not liable for any damage howsoever caused during the cleaning.


2.2 Insurance, liability and claims for damages

2.2.1 Any claim for damage must be reported to the Luda Cleaning Services within 72 hours of the cleaning service visit. 

2.2.2 Luda Cleaning Services will make every reasonable effort not to damage any property and Luda Cleaning Services will be liable for any replacement and/or loss or damage subject to any terms that the Customer has with Luda Cleaning Services. 

2.2.3 In case of any damage, which is to be caused by Luda Cleaning Services, Luda Cleaning Services must be given first opportunity to make good any damage.

2.2.4 We reserve any right to refuse disclosure of confidential company documents.

2.2.5 Luda Cleaning Services shall not be liable for any costs incurred because access to the Property can’t be granted. The Customer is responsible for granting access to the property. 

(A cancellation fee of £60 will be applied) 

2.2.6 We suggest, without acceptance of any liability, that all irreplaceable items (whether monetarily or sentimentally valuable) be stored away and/or not cleaned by Luda Cleaning Services and for the avoidance of doubt the Company accepts no liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused.

2.2.7 We are not responsible for any existing damage to Customer’s property in the form of breaks/old stains/burns/spillages/etc. which cannot be cleaned/removed completely by us using the industry standard cleaning methods.

2.2.8 Arrival times and cleaning times are an estimate. Luda Cleaning Services will not be liable, under any circumstances, for missed/cancelled appointment costs or any other costs owing to delayed arrival or completion times.


3.1 General

3.1.1 The Customer must ensure that all personal belongings are completely moved out. In the event that this is not complied with, the Customer agrees to an additional charge of £50+VAT may be charged.

3.1.2 Rubbish or waste removal is not part of Luda Cleaning Services end of tenancy cleaning service and will incur an additional charge.

3.1.3 If the Customer is more than 30 minutes late, a late fee may be charged, and the Customer agrees to such a charge.

3.1.4 Any price quoted is based on one of each appliance, I.E fridge freezer, one single oven, one hob. If any larger and/or additional appliances are to be cleaned the Customer will incur an additional charge, such charge being at the discretion of Luda Cleaning Services. 

3.1.5 We do not clean/Wash any walls. Nor do re remove any sticky tape/Blu tack

3.1.6 The cleaning of 1) walls 2) any mould on walls or ceilings 3) the inside of toasters, kettles and other electrical appliances is not included in any quote which is provided to the Customer. The Company must be notified of any wall special requirements at the time of booking.

3.1.6 Any price offered to the Customer will not include the cleaning of either vacuum cleaners, ironing boards, curtains or any other items which have been left in storage cupboards.


3.2 Cancellations

3.2.1 If you cancel your cleaning appointment less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled time, Luda Cleaning Services will charge you a £60 cancellation fee.

3.3.2 If you reschedule your cleaning appointment less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time, the Cleaning Company will charge you a £60 cancellation fee. Rescheduling your service at least 2 days in advance of the appointment will incur no charges.

3.2.3 Both the initial booking fee and any deposit will be strictly non-refundable under any circumstance.

3.2.4 Luda Cleaning Services may refuse any cleaning job if the condition of the property is or appears to be hazardous to either the health and/or well-being of its staff. If the Company is not made aware of such potential hazards before the commencement of the cleaning service, we reserve the right to charge the Customer a £60 cancellation fee. 

3.2.5 Luda Cleaning Services may cancel or reschedule a service, where an accident or an unexpected or unforeseeable circumstances arise during the cleaning. Luda Cleaning Services will not be liable to the Customer in any way if any cleaning is cancelled further to this clause.

3.2.6 Luda Cleaning Services will not be liable for any mistake made with regards to the booking. The Company may read back any booking made by telephone to confirm said booking. If a booking date is incorrect and the cleaners are subsequently turned away, the company will charge a £60 cancellation fee. 

3.2.7 The Customer can reschedule or cancel the appointment over the phone or by e-mail.


3.3 Complaints

3.3.1 All booking services, as provided by Luda Cleaning Services, shall be deemed to have been carried out to the Customer’s satisfaction unless written notice is received by the Company with details of the complaint within 3 days of the booking being completed. We will fully investigate any complaint and attempt to resolve it in a professional and timely manner.

3.3.2 The Cleaning Company will manage all complaints received in respect of the cleaning itself and will not be the responsible for anything not included in our services.


4.1 100% satisfaction guarantee 

4.1.2 Luda cleaning services will come back to redo any work free of charge should it not be deemed satisfactory by you or your letting agency/estate agent; this must be reported within 7 days completion of the cleaning service. This does not include anything that cannot be removed by the way of our industry standard cleaning methods (I.e. carpet/other stains, ring marks, burnt on carbon, limescale, mould, permanent marks or scuffs to walls or woodwork.)  Luda cleaning services will not be liable for any loss of your security deposit nor will we held accountable for any damages prior to our service commencing. 




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